Lietkabelis Quality and Social Responsibility

Lietkabelis Quality and Social Responsibility

JSC “Lietkabelis” follows the principles of business ethics and social responsibility in its activities. The company’s leadership actively participates in solving social and economic problems in Panevezys and Lithuania by seeking partners, organizing helpful public projects, and promoting Lithuanian brands in foreign markets. JSC “Lietkabelis” is a socially responsible employer. Clients and partners of beneficial financial relationships are important, but so are employees. The company enhances workplaces, organizes training sessions, executes accident prevention measures, and allocates a budget for personal protection measures to create a safe and healthy atmosphere for employees. JSC “Lietkabelis” is the general sponsor of the Panevezys basketball team “Lietkabelis” and is delighted to promote the nurturing of basketball traditions.


AB Lietkabelis is a company that produces high-quality cable products that meet international and Lithuanian standards.

The management of Lietkabelis AB links the successful development of the company with the continuous improvement of production quality, reliable and stable partnerships with suppliers and customers, and the welfare of the company’s employees. To achieve these goals, the management commits to:

  • Continuously improve the quality management system that meets ISO 9001:2015 requirements and start implementing the quality management system for the automotive industry in accordance with IATF 16949 through training personnel, analyzing, and evaluating system efficiency.
  • Increase production volumes, export sales, turnover, productivity, and search for new markets.
  • Improve the company’s management system by involving employees at all levels in the implementation of the company’s ambitions, utilizing their abilities for the benefit of the company and employees.
  • Support a permanent relationship with customers through the analysis of their needs and expectations, striving to meet their needs in full.
  • Set quality improvement goals for each quality management system process, analyze them systematically, and review them if necessary.
  • Upgrade and improve technological processes to achieve constant improvement of manufactured products and implementation of intended quality objectives.
  • Always comply with the established requirements for the product.
  • Meet the needs of all stakeholders.
  • Seek mutually beneficial cooperation with suppliers.
  • Increase awareness of the company’s quality policy among employees and regularly evaluate its suitability.

The management has committed to allocating the necessary resources to implement these objectives.


AB Lietkabelis envisions a modern company with a high working culture that uses only the most advanced production and technological processes to produce the highest quality cable products that meet international and Lithuanian standards.

We strive to become a company with the least negative environmental impact.

To achieve these goals, the management commits to:

  • Continually improve the environmental management system that meets ISO 14001:2015 requirements, improve its efficiency, monitor activity and pollution, and assign resources for that purpose.
  • Implement legal and other requirements related to the environmental aspects of the company.
  • Use resources sparingly and efficiently in the company’s processes.
  • Evaluate the environmental impact of new products during development, using materials and processes with the lowest environmental impact and complying with EU REACH requirements.
  • Prevent pollution in all product realization processes, including design, installation, and production, and use secondary raw materials where possible.
  • Consider the views of stakeholders during the implementation of the company’s environmental objectives.
  • Propagate information on environmental policy and the results of its implementation.