IIHMR University – India CSR Announce Post-Graduate Diploma Programme in CSR and Sustainable Development

IIHMR University – India CSR Announce Post-Graduate Diploma Programme in CSR and Sustainable Development

IIHMR University, ranked 65th in Management Category by National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF), has announced a uniquely designed Post-Graduate Diploma in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Development.

The programme is approved by University Grants Commission (U.G.C.), New Delhi under National Skill Qualifications Framework (N.S.Q.F.).

The programme design is innovative and blends to complete a certification while learning skills in managing CSR. The course is taught by a qualified and highly knowledgeable teachers and can be taken in person or online (for this year).

IIHMR University is a specialized Research University in management research, postgraduate education and training in the healthcare, development studies and other allied sectors.

Dr. PR Sodani, President (Officiating), IIHMR University said, “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Sector is emerging as companies are actively participating in CSR activities. The CSR domain has emerged as an interesting career option post regulatory changes in Indian Companies Act in 2013 and 2014. IIHMR University, with 36 years of institutional legacy in Healthcare Management and Research, remains committed to promote education that will drive development.

The University has active collaborations with major universities and institutions like Johns Hopkins University, USA; Chester University, UK; University of Montreal, Canada; Curtin University, Australia; and BP Koirala Institute of Public Health, Nepal.”

Dr. P.R. Sodani, President (Officiating), Dean IHMR, Professor, further said, “The newly introduced Post Graduate Diploma in CSR and Sustainable Development will prepare students to manage corporate social responsibility. The programme is designed in spirit of our New Education Policy 2020 and offers a great degree of flexibility in skill-focused learning journey.    This course will allow students to explore cases that demonstrate the great future potential thereby preparing students to answer the theoretical issues through practical interventions.”

The programme will be jointly offered by School of Development Studies and Executive Education Division of the University. Dr. Shiv K. Tripathi, Professor and Dean (Training) IHMR, highlighted that this one-year long programme is multi-disciplinary in nature and nearly two-third of the programme will be delivered through students’ engagement with live industry projects.

For this purpose the University has developed partnership with India CSR, an active knowledge resource centre in CSR area. He added that the programme design uniquely links the management of with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and thus, making it quite useful for those working (or interested to work) in CSR/ sustainability space in companies, public sector as well as NGOs.