Hungary – Developing a sustainable culture for change in VET

Hungary - Developing a sustainable culture for change in VET

Transforming the 21st century’s vocational training

A new student-centered pilot model in Hungary

Budapest Catering and Human Vocational Training Centre GundelKároly Vocational School is the oldestand largest hospitality and tourism vocational training school in Hungary, currently run by the state.

In our school, as in our country and in Europe, the motivation of students, the drop-out, early school leaving and the non-occupation of graduates are becoming more and more problematic. For this reason, our aim was to renew our entire education system, our methods with the change of attitude of teachers and students, and the development of a student-centred education model. To achieve this, we renew the technical sectors of education, train our educators for the inclusion of digital tools in education, provide continuous semester training for both our teachers and students, and revise the basic documents of our education and establish a quality management system. We deliver our model-based education system developed within our project to similar educational institutions in the country and further strengthen our existing domestic and international professional relationships.