Georgia-Pacific CSR Commitment to Community for a Just Society

Georgia-Pacific CSR Commitment to Community for a Just Society

We’re proud to continue our partnership with organizations that are dedicated to breaking down barriers. From Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta to Habitat for Humanity, Georgia-Pacific is committed to investing in organizations making a difference.

We invest in organizations that seek to break down barriers to education, ensure equal justice, address persistent poverty, and promote understanding between people of different races, backgrounds, and perspectives. Our vision of a just society where everyone has an opportunity to reach their full potential is at the heart of our people and our work. As committed corporate citizens, we’ll continue to do our part to fight for equal rights for all and an unmovable belief in the inherent dignity of every person.

At Georgia-Pacific, we know strong communities make life better for everyone: our employees, our neighbors, and our customers. Established in , the Georgia-Pacific Foundation sets aside resources to improve life in the communities where we operate. We’ve worked with thousands of outstanding community-based programs, service projects and disaster relief efforts, focusing our investment in four areas we believe make the most impact: education, environment, enrichment and entrepreneurship.

Satellite Monitoring to Protect Endangered Forests

Satellite Monitoring technology allows Georgia-Pacific to observe more than 6-million-acres being protected in our endangered forest mapping program, in real-time.

You can learn more about GP and sustainability here.

The technology automatically alerts GP if changes happen to tracts of land and allows the forest products company to assess vegetation and connect with foresters directly. This program is unique within the industry, helping Georgia-Pacific ensure we source from sustainable lands and continue to help protect endangered species.

Based on the changes that occur, GP can alert their foresters to the harvest taking place. One of the best things about satellite monitoring is the ability to look in real time at what these images looked like.

GP is the only forest products company that has a program like Endangered Forest Mapping. This creates opportunities to protect the rare and unique wildlife species in them.

GP PRO and Consumer Products Reimagine Opportunities in the Community

The Georgia-Pacific Buddy program is an employee-volunteer tutoring initiative that began over 20 years ago. The program was established to enhance the academic skills of students at M. Agnes Jones (MAJ) Elementary in the Atlanta Public Schools. Like many other in-person initiatives, the GP Buddy program was suspended due to COVID-19​.

The new superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools (APS), Dr. Lisa Herring is excited about continuing GP’s longstanding partnership with APS and MAJ. She and her team are “reimagining” opportunities for GP and other corporate partners to make meaningful contributions to APS in these “new normal” times. GP Community Affairs continues to partner with APS and MAJ to reimagine what our employee engagement could look like in the future.

GP PRO and Consumer Products created a perfect 2021 partnership opportunity.  For their 2021 National Sales Conference, a chainsaw artist was commissioned to showcase her expertise as entertainment for the group. The end goal was to donate this exceptional work of art to MAJ.