In Armenia, where virtually no industrial fossil fuel resources exist, the issues of improving the energy efficiency of the economy and the efficient use of renewable energy are of utmost importance. Therefore, it is not accidental that in recent years particularly, the share of renewable energy is significant in the overall energy production of Armenia.Moreover, the development of this domain of energy production, in particular, development of solar energy, is taking place in the regional communities of the country as well. This is very important from the viewpoint of raising the level of energy security and independence of the country, as well as in terms of energy sustainability of the communities, reduction of carbon footprint there, environmental problems solving and systemic transition towards the “green city” paradigm through sustainable energy solutions.

Within the framework of the “EU 4 Armenia’s Sustainable Energy” Project, renewable energy promotion programs will be implemented in Aparan and Artik towns by the initiative of the “Foundation to Save Energy” (ESF) and the “Union of Communities of Armenia” (UCA) NGOs.

Particularly, integration of rooftop PV for net metering connection with the grid is planned in Aparan. At the community’s suggestion, it is envisaged to be implemented in a public building where it will be possible to ensure substantial energy savings for the community.

In Artik, a production of solar electricity for feeding into public grids at green tariffs is envisaged, coupled with private sector participation and implementation of massive outreach campaign and capacity building.