Danske Bank : A Leadership in corporate social responsibility

Danske Bank : A Leadership in corporate social responsibility

Danske Bank is the largest bank in Denmark and a leading player in the Scandinavian financial markets. The Danske Bank Group – which includes Danske Bank, BG Bank, Realkredit Danmark, Danica Pension and a number of subsidiaries – offers a wide range of financial services, including insurance, mortgage finance, asset management, brokerage, real estate and leasing services.

In 1992, Danske Bank signed the environmental charter for banks under the United Nations Environmental Programme.

Danske Bank continues to take the protection of the environment into consideration when assessing corporate credits. Before approving a credit, the Bank will normally ask the customer to state in writing that it is ready to comply with any legal and regulatory environmental standards.

Danske Bank has incorporated environmental considerations into its credit procedures to ensure that it takes account of national and international requirements regarding the impact of companies on the environment.

To maintain a good relationship to its stakeholders, the Danske Bank Group focuses on areas relevant to a financial enterprise with a profile like the Group’s. These areas include ethics, environment, sponsorships, staff and customers. The Group has many customers and staff members as well as an important role in the community. This makes responsible behaviour essential in the Group’s effort to maintain and extend its relationship to all stakeholders. To support these efforts, Danske Bank’s Board of Directors has set up a Stakeholder Committee. The Danske Bank Group operates its business according to high ethical standards.

Irrespective of the unit they work in, the employees perform their duties on the basis of a shared set of values – the Group’s five core values:

  • Integrity
  • Accessibility
  • Value creation
  • Expertise
  • Commitment

The core values, which provide guiding principles for employees in all circumstances, underscore the Group’s desire to demonstrate integrity, commitment and a concern for value creation, among other qualities.