CSR Malta Association, Fostering community projects with purpose

CSR Malta Association - Fostering community projects with purpose

Our Impact in Malta and Gozo

For two years, we have been dedicated to enhancing the lives of local communities in Malta and Gozo through various projects.

Current Projects

Recycled Gardens

Creating community gardens using upcycled decorations.

  • Project Mission: Inspire individuals to rethink waste through creative reuse ideas for homes or donations.
  • Why: Our association selects projects that address community needs and enhance quality of life.
  • Goal: Motivate people to slow down, relax, and enjoy sustainable living.
  • Progress: Our first Recycled Garden in Msida, built with donated materials like pallets and old tires, exemplifies our commitment to sustainability.


Helping individuals find necessary clothing items.

Farm in Siggiewi

Gradually restoring a neglected farm in Siggiewi.

Freediving into Silence

Empowering the hearing impaired through a collaboration with sign language interpreters.

Busy Beekeepers

A 5-day youth exchange for beekeeping enthusiasts.

We Do Care about Recyclables

Supporting clothes donation to those in need.

Activities and Events

During our events, volunteers engage in:

  • Learning about recycling systems in different countries.
  • Task assignments and active participation.
  • Discussions with local recycling organizations.
  • Analyzing results and suggesting improvements for Malta’s recycling systems.
  • Fun activities related to Maltese culture.

Who We Are

We are an NGO focused on youth and adult education, volunteering, and community projects. Our initiatives include:

  • Erasmus+ Program: Youth mobility, youth workers, strategic partnerships, adult education.
  • European Solidarity Corps: Volunteering, solidarity projects.
  • Member of Youth Proaktiv.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Community projects.