CSR Initiatives under the Planet & Society Sustainability Pillar at Smart

CSR Initiatives under the Planet & Society Sustainability Pillar at Smart

Sustainability is a central part of Smart’s business philosophy. Under the Planet & Society Sustainability Pillar, Smart works to empower Cambodians to look at positive and sustainable ways to help their families and communities. Working alongside key partners, many of Smart’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, including in education, sports, technology and the environment, have brought about significant impact as well as contributed to communities and entities in Cambodia that most needed them.

The following sections illustrate our initiatives and programs under the Planet & Society Sustainability Pillar where our CSR agenda is founded.


We share a common purpose with the Royal Government of advocating quality education for all (SDG4). We hope to empower Cambodians with basic literacy; to expedite the proliferation of digital and ICT literacy; to promote continuous education and to build the next generation of leaders in the digital era; to promote STEM education; and to support national cultural awareness.

Community Sports

Sport is a great platform to nurture future sport talents; to promote a healthy lifestyle at all levels; and to encourage positive community engagement. We also aim to implement sport for development programs among Cambodian youths, particularly vulnerable children, by promoting core life skills, values and sportsmanship.

Tech Innovation

Cambodia has embarked on a journey of building a digital economy. In line with this, we have increased our holistic involvement in supporting the development of the Kingdom’s digital ecosystem (SDG9). We focus on nurturing digital talent through promoting technopreneurship; launching innovation programs and digital startup initiatives; running hackathons; as well as partnering with incubator hubs.


We are relentless in being mindful of our environmental footprint and reducing our climate impact towards a sustainable future (SDG13). We challenge our staff to be more engaged in environmental preservation while at the same time creating similar awareness among Cambodians.