CSR Initiatives|Robert Walters Japan

CSR Initiatives|Robert Walters Japan
Powering people and organizations to fulfill their unique potential

That’s our purpose as a business. But it extends far beyond what we do at the office — we’re industry leaders through our efforts to make a positive difference for clients, candidates, colleagues, and communities around the globe.

  1. Free Resume Review Service: COVID-19 Support
    • Robert Walters Japan assists professionals in the country whose jobs have been impacted by the spread of COVID-19 worldwide by providing a free review service for both English and Japanese resumes.
  2. The Robert Walters Japan Scholarship
    • Robert Walters Japan has established a scholarship system for students at Rikkyo University’s College of Tourism with the aim of developing world-class global talent in Japan by partnering with the school.
  3. Global Charity Day
    • The Robert Walters Group holds a simultaneous Charity Day event on the same day at all its offices worldwide. It was started to give staff from across the Group an outlet for their creativity, athleticism, and passion to raise as much money as possible for chosen local and regional charities.
  4. Global Angels
    • The Robert Walters Group has partnered with the Global Angels Foundation to support the Itinyi Valley community in Tsavo, Kenya. Along with raising money for key projects, the Group plays an active role in transforming Tsavo by sending eight volunteers every year to work with the Itinyi Valley community, building critical pieces of infrastructure to support sustainable farming and provide access to clean drinking water.

Supports in Japan

Robert Walters Japan is supporting the following organizations through a range of CSR activities:

  • Safecast
    • Safecast is an international, volunteer-driven non-profit organization whose goal is to empower citizens by creating useful, accessible, and granular environmental data. Robert Walters Japan supports their initiative to provide reliable data on COVID-19 in Japan by connecting them with professionals with the skillsets needed to carry out volunteer activities.
  • Shine On! Kids
    • Shine On! Kids implements an array of programs that support children suffering from childhood cancer and other serious illnesses, along with their families. The organization focuses on activities to enhance healthcare teams and raise awareness for childhood cancer.
  • Japan Platform
    • Japan Platform is an intermediary support organization that provides support in various forms to affiliated NGOs in Japan, which face challenges such as insufficient financial support. Utilizing sponsorships and donations from governments, corporations, and individuals, Japan Platform provides humanitarian aid both within Japan and abroad to offer emergency relief during refugee crises and natural disasters.
  • Smiling Hospital Japan
    • Smiling Hospital Japan is an NPO that organizes events where volunteer artists visit hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout Japan to provide art engagement activities for children fighting serious illnesses. The goal is to make the days of these children a little brighter and more joyful through activities such as music, art, and magic.
  • Second Harvest Japan
    • Second Harvest Japan is Japan’s first food bank organization, rescuing food that would otherwise be disposed of, despite still being fit to eat, and providing the collected food to children at childcare facilities, victims at domestic violence shelters, and people living on the street.
  • ChildFund Japan
    • Since 1975, ChildFund Japan has been working mainly in Asia to help deprived, excluded, and vulnerable children, families, and communities through meaningful, sustainable solutions. Robert Walters Japan supports their activities by collecting and providing miswritten or unused postcards and stamps within the company.
    • TRACOS organizes soccer exchange events and dispatches coaches directly to organizations that have difficulties attending outside events. The aim is to realize a society where people can grow through sports together, regardless of their skill or disability.
  • Hanalabs
    • Hanalabs is an NPO that fosters the creativity and leadership of female students through their participation in the resolution of social challenges. Hanalabs advances several programs, such as organizing projects in which female students work with local government bodies and corporations to resolve issues, and publishing an internet magazine that showcases women active in society, with coverage provided directly by female students.