CSR in Luxembourg Stock Exchange

CSR in Luxembourg Stock Exchange

At the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE), CSR is a natural and integral part of the overall business strategy and the company’s operations. With the slogan “Always in motion”, LuxSE works towards long-term goals that bring value to all stakeholders, while contributing to making capital markets more sustainable.

Our CSR goals and activities are structured around four core pillars (think PEOPLE, think BUSINESS, think COMMUNITY, and think PLANET) which are built on LuxSE’s vision and corporate values. Through these four pillars of sustainability, LuxSE contributes directly to 9 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

think PEOPLE: Boosting investment in our human capital


We are committed to educating our staff on sustainability matters and to creating their buy-in to achieve our goals. We are convinced that human capital is key to our business. In this respect, we provide a workplace that promotes integrity, gender equality, diversity, training, mobility, and learning opportunities. In everything we do, we ensure that our employees’ wellbeing is at the center of our actions. More globally, through this “think PEOPLE” pillar, we are simultaneously contributing to 4 UN SDGs.

think BUSINESS: Ensuring transparent, fair and safe markets

LuxSE acts as an intermediary between firms and investors and therefore has to take the needs and expectations of both parties into account. This is why LuxSE continually looks for ways to innovate and reinforce its sustainable business model as well as to ensure transparent, fair, and safe access to capital markets. To do so, we guarantee clear communication and pay rigorous attention to the quality of information shared. Creating trust and ensuring transparency for investors are a high priority for us. Thus, with the creation and development of LuxSE’s green platform – LGX, we provide visibility to sustainable financial products and issuers by displaying bonds and funds compliant with Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria, while also contributing to several SDGs.

think COMMUNITY: Providing support to local communities

As a central point of the Luxembourg financial sector and a key player in international capital markets, we must ensure that we understand our communities’ needs and expectations. That is why we strongly encourage them to engage with us in addressing local sustainability issues. Moreover, we recognize our responsibility to actively participate in a fruitful and constructive exchange of ideas between market players. We share our expertise and knowledge to help guide our peers, clients, competitors, regulators, and other financial market participants in developing market initiatives and regulations. Lastly, we also engage in partnerships with NGOs to support local and international initiatives and thus make an impact towards achieving the UN SDGs. Through this pillar, we contribute to SDGs.

think PLANET: Taking action towards a neutral carbon footprint

It is our shared responsibility to do our utmost to protect our planet, which is borrowed from the next generations. In our daily activities, we pledge to behave in a sustainable way and to protect our planet. Moreover, we provide environment-friendly office facilities and support programs focused on reducing and recycling waste, such as the implementation of a Clever Akafen procurement strategy, the use of Ecolabel certified products, the introduction of e-Car sharing, and the signature of the Zero Single Use Plastic manifesto of IMS, etc.