Corporate sustainability is a major priority at Österreichische Post AG

Corporate sustainability is a major priority at Österreichische Post AG

Corporate sustainability is a major priority at Österreichische Post AG. Against this background, environmental and social factors play a decisive role for our corporate strategy and governance.

One thing is for certain at Österreichische Post: sustainable aspects need to be combined to make a corporation ready for the future and ensure long-term success.

Our sustainable goals can be broken down as follows:

Economy: improving our sustainable business model with a focus on clients and innovations

Digitalization, competitive pressure, and global trade define our markets. These trends are major challenges for us at Österreichische Post as well as for the entire logistics industry. We see these developments as an opportunity to improve and evolve.

We know our clients’ wishes and expectations, which is essential for any company that wants to offer innovative and customer-oriented service and to ultimately be financially successful in the long term.

This is very much in line with our mission, “Our clients are the centre of attention”, which is all about focusing on flexible delivery concepts designed to offer maximum ease of use, service quality, and online solutions. These include services such as the Österreichische Post app that clients can use to forward parcels to a postal branch of their choice or to have e-letters delivered.

Environment: resources & climate protection

Employees: promoting our corporate and leadership culture and protecting our employees’ health and safety

Society: ensuring the provision of services and shaping the necessary conditions and promoting social commitment

Österreichische Post embraces sustainable trends.

Österreichische Post decided to introduce CO2-neutral delivery for all letters, parcels, magazines, and advertising mail in Austria. In addition to increasing efficiency and offsetting CO2 emissions, the use of alternative technologies is very important to Österreichische Post. With a total of roughly 1,750 vehicles, Österreichische Post has the largest fleet of e-vehicles in Austria. The clean energy for this fleet comes from our own photovoltaic facilities.

The ambitious goal of Österreichische Post is the following: to achieve fully emissions-free delivery on the “last mile” everywhere in Austria by 2030. With its flagship project “Green Graz, Österreichische Post is taking the first step towards this goal: the city of Graz is scheduled to become the first city in Austria with 100% emissions-free letter and parcel delivery. To make this happen, Österreichische Post plans to use small electric lorries throughout the city as well as electric vans for delivery. Plans also include the expansion of close-range logistics services in urban areas and parcel delivery to Graz Kalsdorf.