COLOMBIA UNIVERSITY -SUSTAINABILITY – The more Columbia recycles – the more we save money

COLOMBIA UNIVERSITY -SUSTAINABILITY – The more Columbia recycles - the more we save money

The more Columbia recycles, the more we save money and contribute to a sustainable environment. Facilities works with campus partners such as Environmental Health & Safety and Environmental Stewardship to improve the University’s recycling efforts. In recent years, the community recycled hundreds of tons of mixed paper and cardboard, 155 tons of electronics, 45 tons of lamps, 20 tons of batteries, tens of tons of glass, metal and plastic and much more.

You can do your part by checking out what materials are recyclable and how and where to recycle them. The information below is for recycling for Morningside Campus Academic and Administrative Buildings. You can also check out how to recycle at  University Apartment Housing, Undergraduate Residence Halls, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Baker Field Athletic Complex, and Nevis Laboratories.  We appreciate your cooperation as the recycling program depends on your participation!

  • Paper and Cardboard
  • Glass, Metal and Plastic Containers
  • Computer and Other Electronic Equipment
  • Fluorescent Lamps and Other Mercury-Containing Devices
  • Batteries
  • Laboratory Chemicals
  • Laboratory Containers and Glassware
  • Printer and Copier Cartridges
  • Medical Waste
  • Silver
  • Bulk Waste
  • Order a Recycling Bin
  • Clean + Go Green