CalBank are fully committed to the highest level of corporate governance and social responsibility

CalBank are fully committed to the highest level of corporate governance and social responsibility

As a bank with a social conscience the Board and staff of CalBank are fully committed to the highest level of corporate governance and social responsibility throughout every aspect of our business towards those stakeholders affected by our business activities. This is because we believe in being involved in developing the community within which we operate.

As a bank, we recognize that social giving is not enough. Rather, for Corporate Social Responsibility to be truly effective and make an ongoing and meaningful impact in the lives of our communities, environment and stakeholders, it needs to be well-managed and underpinned by the driving principle of sustainability. In so doing, we adopt an integrated sustainability approach that encompasses all our stakeholders. These are translated into specific community initiatives to which we focus as a bank in assisting.

What we believe

CalBank is very passionate about community involvement activities and we believe in investing and developing the community in which we operate. Since inception, we have invested in education – education of less privileged children in the society – and in health.

At CalBank, we strongly believe that education and culture are the foundations for social, economic, community development and we aspire to do just that. We attach special priority to the under privileged in society – needy children, the vulnerable and other discriminated groups.

Our Core Objectives

Our objective is to invest in community development activities that contribute to the overall well-being of the society. Under listed are the Bank’s core objectives:

  •     To improve the level of education of the underprivileged in society and to contribute to the overall development of education in Ghana
  •     To make a positive contribution to the underprivileged by supporting a wide range of health initiatives
  •     To develop and promote the known and lesser known sports as a means of fostering social integration
  •     To promote arts and culture in Ghana
  •     To address important societal needs

Our Focus

As a bank, our four (4) thematic areas of community involvement is on education with a special priority for the underprivileged (orphanages), healthcare, national arts and culture and sports development portray our interest and commitment the sustainable development of our communities of operation.


At CalBank, we believe education helps alleviate poverty and builds a sustainable skilled workforce for the community. We further believe ensuring the underprivileged are well educated and equipped to become useful to the society is a better investment. Thus, the bank’s decision to ensure that major contribution of its community involvement budget is dedicated to supporting our needy children’s educational project.

We have adopted eight (8) Needy Homes across the country that we support beyond just providing financial and material assistance to the homes. To encourage hard work, we support the brilliant students through to their tertiary education. Upon completion, they are given an opportunity of internship with the Bank which normally ends in employment or in whichever endeavor of their preference. We also contributed to the construction of library blocks in refugee camps amongst development of other numerous educational institutions initiatives.

It is our view that needy children once taken care of and nurtured into good citizenship become more socially responsible citizens and an example/role model for others. Our policy therefore to support needy homes views the broader spill-over effect that this action presents.

We also actively sponsor workshops organized to give young people sound financial advice and a secure head start in life; we believe this will build a better and sustainable community and economy as a whole.

Other socially responsible initiatives:

Aside our focus on the four main pillars of CalBank’s community development, we also support some sectors that have been outlined below.

General Social Upliftment – To address important societal needs

Environmental Improvement – staff across the bank undertook tree planting as one of their promises to help sustain the environment.

Poverty Relief – To improve the living conditions of the underprivileged in homes that the bank was not sponsoring, especially the needy children in homes and children in need. More importantly, to make a positive difference in their live.


Health is the basis upon which life thrives and it is a human right. The provision of healthcare services and infrastructure is another area we consider important. We have sponsored and supported worthy initiatives in the health services and have participated in public health campaigns. As a bank, we are really proud to be associated with the construction of a theatre and surgical ward of a children’s hospital in the country and the Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Burns Centre at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. Annually, we support the under listed health foundations in the delivery of healthcare.

  • Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Burns Centre at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital
  • Ghana Heart Foundation
  • Ghana National Trust Fund
  • Judith Ellen Awuah Darko Foundation (Breast Cancer)
  • Ghana Blind Union, etc.

Sports Development

Football is the passion of the nation. For that reason, as a bank our aim is to empower our societies using sport by promoting known and lesser known sports as a means of fostering social integration. To do this, the bank adopted the Ghana Beach Soccer Association and has been its main sponsor.

The CalBank Beach Soccer Association, the premier beach soccer competition in Ghana, kicked off in 2013. CalBank’s role as a sponsor is to firstly provide the platform for teams from the coast to compete in the sport and to bring together fans to share in the passion. The soccer has now increased to other landlocked regions in the country. Annually, we provide jerseys and other sporting kits as part of its initiatives; we aid the usual running of the teams, trophies, traveling assistance for competition etc. This is the only competition in Ghana that addresses the development of beach soccer.

We also support the development of golf and the National Cricket Association especially with the strategy of empowering the young through sports.