Business Alliance Educates on Proper Use and Disposal of Products in Costa Rica

Business Alliance Educates on Proper Use and Disposal of Products in Costa Rica

Thirteen companies of the Business Alliance for Sustainability launched the Education for Sustainability Campaign on their social networks. This action seeks to offer useful, technical and educational information to consumers in the current context of COVID-19, and facilitate knowledge about reading labels, proper use and storage of products, waste management, nutritional value of products and environmental labeling.

“ With the campaign we seek motivating clients to contribute with small and practical actions that are available to everyone and generate a positive impact on homes, the environment, and the country,” commented Silvia Chaves, president of Florex and treasurer of the Alliance for Sustainability.

Costa Rica has assumed commitments and responsibilities to advance with Sustainable Development Goal No.12: Guarantee sustainable consumption and production patterns. However, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) estimates that 6% of world food losses occur in Latin America and the Caribbean and each year the region loses and / or wastes around 15% of its available food.

Losses and waste have a negative effect on the environment due to the unsustainable use of natural resources, so the Business Alliance for Sustainability decides to create this campaign to contribute to reducing food waste.

Cecilia Mora, specialist in Sustainability and advisor to the Alliance, explained that the objective is to make people more aware and knowledgeable about the products they consume so that they can make good use of those resources and reduce food waste.

At the environmental level, this effort contributes to having a better country and conserving natural resources. At an economic level it also has a great impact, because what we buy, we generate waste and by improper storing money is thrown away, at a time when we are not there for that.