Bulgarian Stock Exchange joins UN’s Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative

Bulgarian Stock Exchange joins UN's Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative

SOFIA (Bulgaria) – The Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE) said that it joined the United Nations Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative (UN SSE), which is aimed at encouraging sustainable investment.

“We are fully committed to achieving the goals of sustainable development of the Bulgarian capital and energy market. In close cooperation and using the in-depth experience of the UN Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative, as well as through the consistent actions we have taken in this direction, we are confident of our long-term success,” Manyu Moravenov, executive director of the BSE, said in a statement on Wednesday.

The mission of the UN SSE is to provide a global platform for exploring how exchanges, in collaboration with investors, companies, regulators, policymakers and relevant international organisations, can enhance performance on environmental, social and corporate governance issues and encourage sustainable investment.

“Through the participation in the UN SSE initiative, BSE shares and follows the mission to promote responsible investment in sustainable development and advance corporate performance on environmental, social and governance issues in Bulgaria,” the statement reads.

The BSE joins a group of over 90 stock exchanges, which are partners of the UN SSE.