BSC has been a sustainable company for over 25 years

BSC has been a sustainable company for over 25 years

BSC Business Support Center one of the leading consulting companies in Armenia. BSC has been perceived as a EU-funded company. Although its foundations were laid by the EU TACIS program (Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States) and is one of the most successful TACIS projects in the CIS countries, BSC has been a sustainable self-financing company for over 25 years.

One of the most common mistakes in business is making decisions based on assumptions. Conducting research provides an opportunity to avoid making the wrong decisions, and to have an independent assessment of the sector and the company. Decisions based on research results are justified, contribute to saving time and resources, and result in an increase in productivity.

Business research allows companies to analyze and evaluate its position, quality of goods or services, customer satisfaction, market demand, consumer needs, etc.

BSC encourages the application of a professional approach in the market. We believe that the application of proper tools can make every company more successful. BSC strives to instill trust in research in the market by providing high quality services that meet client expectations. BSC is a trusted research partner for various reputable international organizations, as well as for private sector representatives.

BSC has carried out a number of research studies, including research on gender relations and food security in the framework of cooperation with Oxfam Armenia. We executed joint research on women’s roles and potential in the agricultural value chain in the Tavush region, conducted in cooperation with Oxfam Armenia and the Austrian Development Agency. BSC attaches importance to involvement in research projects aimed at social development, as it often results in opportunities for strategy development (on social issues) and implementation.

BSC also conducted a research study on the promotion of social responsibility in Armenia, as a result of cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The project was aimed at studying the level of CSR mastery and applications in the private sector. The study covered all the regions of Armenia to find what CSR principles are currently applied in Armenia and what factors are hindering the application of these principles. The study involved 60 private companies from different parts of the country, among them 40 SMEs from manufacturing, sales and service sectors.

BSC attaches importance to the role of social responsibility, as experience has proven that socially responsible activities are among the key factors for increasing business productivity, sustainability, and continuous development. That is why BSC encourages the application of social responsibility principles by partners and clients, by sharing experience and knowledge through publishing the Corporate Social Responsibility Guide for Armenian Companies, and also through conducting trainings and seminars.

In the framework of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Small Business Support project, BSC cooperated with the Makur Erkir company in conducting a feasibility study for establishing a waste management plant. Through this project BSC contributed to environmental protection in Armenia.

BSC has also carried out a number of evaluation projects, including a performance evaluation of the Peace Corps Small Project Assistance project; evaluation of the Sustainable Cooperative Extension and Agricultural Development (SCEAD) Program of United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR); Monitoring Household Survey in Meghri Region of Armenia for the Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation and Shen NGO; Assessment of the Sun-Dried Fruit and Vegetables Supply Chain in Armenia for Oxfam Armenia; and a number of other projects.

BSC is confident that conducting research contributes to justified and targeted decision-making by organizations from various sectors in Armenia. Proper decision-making increases both the organization’s productivity and development at the sector-level, and helps to avoid failure risks. We enhance the use of research in the market by providing high quality services, strengthen trust towards research tools and raise awareness on its importance and necessity.