Athlon sustainability is the approach for a company that puts its customers first

Athlon sustainability is the approach for a company that puts its customers first

Athlon’s activities are built around one central thinking exercise. they ask their selves what is important to their customers. This goes far beyond simply answering a question. Providing services in a rapidly evolving sector such as mobility means anticipating tomorrow’s demand. Sustainability and social responsibility will inevitably play a major role in this. By responding to this with full conviction, they not only honour their corporate social responsibility efforts, but they also manage to come up with better, smarter solutions: smarter mobility.

Given today’s traffic, it no longer makes sense to choose the largest possible car for the available budget only to get stuck in traffic jams. That is why they developed the Sustainable Mobility Plan. together with their customers, they have been looking at the range of possibilities that best meets their mobility needs. As part of this plan, public transport or bicycles can replace or supplement a company car. This gives their customers the freedom to choose sustainable means of transport whenever possible and use a company car when they need it.

By actively promoting alternatives to diesel cars, more economical cars, and an eco-friendly driving style, they reduce our customers’ emissions and prepare them for the stricter guidelines that lie ahead. This is also one of the reasons why we are strongly committed to electric mobility. In 2011, we were the first leasing company in Belgium to invest in e-mobility. Today, they are continuing to build on this pioneering role with a 360° offer, from A to Z – or rather, from recharging plug to traffic lights. This enables our customers to enjoy the comfort, innovations, and tax advantages of electric driving worry-free.

The office building itself – formerly a stereotypical administrative centre full of plastic and gypsum – had been left to deteriorate for ten years. They  decided to give it a well-deserved makeover by joining forces with Nearly New Office Facilities (NNOF), a company based in Vilvoorde that specialises in circular office furniture. The idea was to create small-scale modular workspaces enabling different ways of working, from very sociable to hyper-concentrated. their partnership with NNOF allowed them to save seven tonnes of CO2 during the renovation.

It goes without saying that a healthy work environment goes hand in hand with a healthy way of working. they encourage this with practical measures such as free fresh fruit and showers for those who like to cycle to work or exercise during their lunch break. But it also means giving our team flexibility, trust, and the freedom to make their own decisions. they provide training on stress management and burnout prevention at all levels of our organisation. they also pride ourselves on the balanced male-to-female ratio at all levels of our company, as well as an enriching diversity in terms of their employees’ origin and background.