Argentina: a sustainable horizon for investments

Argentina: a sustainable horizon for investments

Agribusiness and renewable energy lead the new investment trend

Why Argentina?

Although it’s always had its share of foreign investment, significant economic changes and a more market-oriented trend has seen Argentina become even more attractive for companies that want to do business in the country. These changes offer great opportunities in many sectors, such as agribusiness, infrastructure and renewable energy, for example.

Our core areas of expertise

TMF Group’s team of legal, accounting and HR professionals have been in Argentina since 2005; our staff includes members of the local fiduciary, accounting and tax bodies, and the company is an active member in the local business and commerce communities. Our clients comprise more than 400 local and multinational companies active in a diverse range of sectors.

Our specialist team in Argentina has strong local market knowledge and will work with you to establish your company, taking care of things like administration, accounting and reporting, tax compliance, HR and payroll, corporate secretarial and structure finance services, allowing you to concentrate on the core areas to ensure your business success.

We provide a wide range of corporate services to help you reduce risks, stay compliant, control costs and simplify operations. We are focused on exceeding our clients’ expectations. We use the latest technologies, have a distinctive perspective on processes and controls, and are transparent in how we price and service.  We operate with the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.