Aldi Denmark Teams Up With ‘Too Good To Go’ To Fight Food Waste

Aldi Denmark Teams Up With 'Too Good To Go' To Fight Food Waste

Aldi Denmark has announced that it will sell fruit and vegetables at lower prices across all stores in the country in association with the food waste prevention app, Too Good To Go.

The initiative will see the retailer roll out ‘happiness bags’ comprising fruit and vegetables at reduced prices via the app.

The fruit and vegetables offered in the ‘happiness bags’ are good to consume but would have been discarded due to damaged packaging or light bumps and blemishes, the company said.

Katrine Milman, CSR manager at Aldi Denmark, said, “We already have a number of initiatives against food waste, and especially the store staff makes a great effort every day to reduce the amount of food that smokes out, but the collaboration with Too Good To Go is clearly a good supplement that can help reduce food waste in our stores even more.”

The company expects to save more than 160 tonnes of fruit and vegetables from ending up in the dustbin through this initiative in the first year.

The decision to roll out the ‘happiness bags’ across the country comes after a successful pilot project in 33 stores, the company added