3a latest CSR activity-RTK4 Charity

3a latest CSR activity-RTK4 Charity

RTK4Charity Initiative by 3a, RTK, and Seasus

3a has recently launched an innovative CSR initiative, partnering with RTK and Seasus to create the RTK4Charity initiative.

Corporate social responsibility is evolving beyond mere financial contributions to encompass a company’s overall conduct and impact on all stakeholders. At 3a, we apply this holistic approach by leveraging our skills and capabilities to provide our services pro bono to organizations like RTK. This ensures that their activities are conducted transparently, ethically, and fairly.

This initiative allows us to collaborate with RTK, a communications portal with strong ties to philanthropic institutions, and Seasus, our IT technology partner. Together, we are establishing an operational infrastructure to facilitate charitable endeavors using popular social networking platforms, while ensuring transparency, trust, and accountability through oversight from 3a.

The inaugural project under the RTK4Charity campaign involves Franco Azzopardi, Chairman of 3a, raising funds through his passion for cycling.

Franco Azzopardi, an endurance cyclist, will undertake two unprecedented challenges: a non-stop 500km ride from London to Paris within 24 hours, followed by the Swiss Radmarathon, a 720km race against the clock with a 28-hour limit, featuring 5,000 meters of elevation gain. The funds raised will support a project benefiting Dar Sagra Familja in Zabbar, which provides care for children separated from their families by court order.

The nuns of St. Joseph in Zabbar have been instrumental in caring for these children, aiming to bridge the gap in upbringing between these children and those raised within their families. The “Ultra-Rider” initiative involves specialists in child psychology mentoring these children, fostering their integration into society with confidence and normalcy.

To engage the community, a Facebook application has been launched linking the Ultra-Rider project with charities and society through Facebook’s social networking capabilities.

Additional CSR Initiative by 3a Malta

In another initiative, Alison Calvert from the 3a Malta team organized a charity drive to collect shoes for children in Tanzania. Alison collected around one hundred pairs of shoes, which were shipped to ‘Be the Rain Trust’ with support from 3a Malta covering the shipping costs. This initiative aims to improve the lives of children in Tanzania through better footwear.